Are YOU Ready To Purge and Donate!!??

It is SPRING!! to me spring is a rebirth of our mental, physical, spiritual growth, spring is a rebirth of the flowers and trees and ..well…you get the picture. I love spring, I was born in spring and I think organizing came about because of spring!

Spring is the season I love best, I redo my winter closet to my spring and summer clothes. Oh boy, it’s like going shopping all over again, you get to see all the pretty things you had to store away for the winter. Flip flips come out, sundresses and shorts. Ok, this is where my organizing skills come in, now dear ones is the time to toss toss toss!! Now to some spring cleaning. Let’s take a room at a time!

Clothes Closet

  • When you start bringing out all those pretty spring and summer clothes and shoes, and I will include bags too! Spring-Flowers-66Don’t put back anything you aren’t going to wear or what doesn’t fit you any long. Let’s be realistic, if you haven’t worn it in 2 seasons you won’t.

Kids Closets

  • Do the same with your kids closets as you did with your own, start getting rid of clothes that doesn’t fit your children any longer. You can donate or give them to a friend whose children could use them. As for toys, think of donating them as well to a place that will put them to good use.


  • You know you have small appliances that you could do without, that you never use, that you will never use. Think of donating to a place where families who have gone through fires could pick up these items up and start over again. It’s a tax deduction for you!


  • Go through all your old medications to make sure the dates are still good. Toss old medications down the toilette and bottles in the trash. We don’t want kids or pets being able to get at those old meds.

Living Areas

  • Where ever you are keeping those old newspapers and magazines, its time to condense. Have you thought of getting magazine subscriptions and newspapers via online? It might be a less expensive option and less papers hanging around. DVD’s, it’s time to pack up all the ones you aren’t watching anymore. We stopped buying DVD’s and we just download to our DVR or our laptops. You may be able to turn those into cash! Try selling the DVD’s online.

Donating? Try these places:

Clothing: Dress for Success:
Household Items: Salvation Army
For our Veterans:
Accepts Everything: Goodwill
Kids clothing and toys:

Wishing you a wonderful spring. Happy Organizing!



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5 Responses to Are YOU Ready To Purge and Donate!!??

  1. Great suggestions and resources, but I don’t think we’re supposed to flush medication down the toilet. It’s better to return it to a pharmacy where they will dispose of it safely.

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  2. Pam Holland says:

    Great tips and resources Lisa! Thanks. 🙂


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