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Sentimental Reasons

Sometimes getting rid of things that hold sentimental reasons is hard. It also gives us that “excuse” to keep it. The list is endless when it comes down to why we keep the things we do. When I was younger … Continue reading

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Overnight Success

There are no overnight successes. Let me repeat that, There are NO OVERNIGHT Successes. Everything takes work. Everything takes steps to get to the end goal. When people talk about overnight success stories it is about people who put everything … Continue reading

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The never ending hunt to perfection will bring you angst. You see, what you think is perfectionism another person doesn’t, perfection is how we individually perceive how things are. Some people think their lives are spiraling out of control and … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Productivity

Perfect day ( Labor Day) to post my productivity blog!! Creating a habit of getting your tasks done is important. Why your tasks don’t get done could be when you are doing them, or not doing them. When is your … Continue reading

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Do You Own Your Business?

Women business owners are a growing group! In 2021, 1,821 New Female-Owned Businesses Were Started Each Day. US women-owned businesses generate $1.8 trillion a year. 40% of US businesses are women-owned. These are just a few statistics regarding women owned businesses. … Continue reading

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