It’s Just Stuff

Yesterday I gave a talk on organizing to a small group of some great people at a luncheon. We discussed some tips, and some things needed in your home, we talked about papers, getting rid of things, and some ideas to create drop zones.

I asked this group a few questions:

  • Do you have a garage but can’t park your car in it? It’s a garage, not a storage unit!
  • Do you have dishes only used on special occasions? Every day is a special day, use the dishes!
  • Do you have clothing in your closet that still has tags on them? Use it or lose it!

I don’t think I was too surprised to see the hands go up withe the above questions.

We put so much emphasis on our “stuff”. I want you to think about this. I want you to think about what things make you happy? What things do you enjoy doing? I hope you put more emphasis on these things versus just “stuff”.

Start purging in small doses. Pick a drawer, a closet, and a stack of papers. I bet you will love how purging feels and you will continue in other areas.

Remember It’s Just Stuff!

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