Let’s Set Some Routines

When you mention routines to some people they just do not like the sound of it, they find routines boring and monotone. Yes to a degree routines can get boring but in some cases as in our day-to-day routines of things, they are necessary. When I start my day I get up, brush my teeth, dress, walk the dog, and then sit at my desk with my coffee, journal and get busy with my day’s activities. This is a basic routine, there are other things I put into place that have “become” routine.

So, a few suggestions on what routines you can put into place as well to keep your day running smoothly:

1. prepare your things the night before: prepare clothing, lunches, backpacks, and pocketbooks the night before to make morning routines easier

2. hang up your things when you come home: throwing things on a chair or floor will create a pile, no piles are allowed. Make this a routine.

3. use your planner the night before: plan your week on a Sunday night, and sit with your planner and the family so everyone is on the same page. Families do well with a central command center. Make this a routine.

4. wipe down your surfaces: wiping down the kitchen counter and bathroom counters will help you feel like you’re keeping up with cleaning. Make this a routine.

5. stop focusing on being perfect: just do what you can with keeping in mind your goal of not creating more things to do on chore day but things to make your chore day lighter and easier, again make this a routine.

Perfection isn’t a reality, just stop procrastinating and just get it done! No one likes housework or the tasks that come along with staying on time with appointments and calls and emails, but if you create a system that makes things easier for you, chances are you will stick to that system because you know it will make your days easier.

Now that I live alone, my chores have gotten heavier. More dog walking, meal prep, cleaning the house alone, food shopping, bill paying, car maintenance, and more. Since I had an established routine in place, adding extra tasks was easy. While it does take more time it does get done!

Whatever your routine is, make it easier, make it fun, and make it a routine you will stick to.

Think about how doing some small changes in your life will make your day-to-day life easier. No one wants to focus on the tasks…so relax, get it done, and move on to something you love doing!

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2 Responses to Let’s Set Some Routines

  1. I would rather be bored following a routine than frustrated because I’m running late, can’t find what I need, or forget to do something!

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